Welcome to my random art blog~
❇ All artworks here are done by me (reblogs excluded). Credit when using.
❇ そのブログの絵図は全部が全部私を画くいます(reblogを除く)。許可を得ずに使用しない。

Art Status
Requests: Friends. (If i do not reject, it means i'll do it later when i get the mood)
Commissions: Closed
Kiriban: None.
Collab: Closed
Art Trade: Closed
Black Wind

Wip i guess?
How do you kai hair

it’s halloween

october = 31 days of halloween

it is time for a new icon

This song is so cute i can’t wait to hear yonaga’s version


explanations are unnecessary

To the brighter day

lining made it worse…. luckily i saved the sketch

destress doodle of the dumb blueberry

S1 throwback?

Jfire senpais came to visit us when we were studying. Then they started talking. Tries to keep calm. Draws to regain composure. Fails.
Stands up. Leaves without saying goodbye.

art of an old friend on latale~ 

mpreg aichi

courtesy to double-cast for the idea

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