Welcome to my random art blog~
❇ All artworks here are done by me (reblogs excluded). Credit when using.
❇ そのブログの絵図は全部が全部私を画くいます(reblogを除く)。許可を得ずに使用しない。

Art Status
Requests: Friends. (If i do not reject, it means i'll do it later when i get the mood)
Commissions: Closed
Kiriban: None.
Collab: Closed
Art Trade: Closed
Black Wind


for Meishi in latale

Vent art.

Trigger warning: strangling

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Happy birthday to hisuri san jdvzkdvwkcbfk

Twintails aichi

Hi, kuro-kaze, I am trying to put together a masterpost of drawing tips for the artists of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Big Bang. I also have no idea if you've heard of it. I'm sorry if this is trouble, but could you try and put together a tutorial, (non-video preferably) on how to draw armor, in case any artists have to draw armor for units, and other characters?

this took ages because i didn’t have motivation fshjakfhjsdkafdhsajkfdsa so a simple one.

but here’s the basics :

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Fineliners arent as fine as i thought they would be

First time trying out fineliners



I finished it


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