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Black Wind

never gonna finish


i would really like it if after everything aichi invites gaillard to their house and shizuka adopts him. like, he was deprived of the happy childhood, and it’ll be nice to give him a nice teenage life at high school. they would be adorkable friends in class and bring the same bento and stuff and ahhhh they would be so cute together. And then they participate in club activities together and misaki and gaillard chats nicely because gaillard is a nice oniisan and misaki is a nice oneesan and both of them look like mafia bosses.

then they would visit the orphanage together during summer and winter break and play with them. 

kai gets jealous and waits for aichi outside school to walk home to card capital everyday and glares at gaillard all the time

sometimes i get very stressed

doodle of kuroimajou | cursedpsyqualia's Black Witch Aichi gijinka

because aichi in short shorts is very cute

its so hard to line details

please dont hurt both of them i love them both //sobs

i saw hisuririi's post and decided to do it too djksahfdjksa
Most ugly : it was like, did i even try (i did that this year and im crying at the anatomy)

My favourite : to be honest this was kinda the hardest but it wont be nice to have repeats so. BUT I LOVE JULIA SHE’S MY BUNSHIN. AND I THINK THE FINAL WORK CAME OUT GREAT.

Newest : most recent serious art work was a collab with hisuri AND IT TURNED OUT BRILLIANT except my lineart killed her wonderful art dahjkfdshajkfhjdsafhdsjka well i liked how my shading turned out here too and yup

Favourite pose : it was kinda cool and i’ve always wanted to draw something like that so yup

Most favourite : a collaboration with enaki HER SKETCH WAS SO WONDERFUL and i lined it and it no longer looks like her style i crey

Most weird : it was a gift for Jenny but then the anatomy and shading came out weird and im just. //lays down. //crey.

First Drawing : i used my first digital drawing and. i took a look at my old dA account and. … //lays down. //creys. my ocs were so mary sue and i saw all my weeaboo period and im
//lays the fuck down. 

Easiest : pmuch

Hardest : fuck dragons tbh


ban lyrie from photoshop 2k14

also, credit to rena for helping me get the screencap


what is this

who is this

i have no fucking idea cuz i made her up randomly

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