Welcome to my random art blog~
❇ All artworks here are done by me (reblogs excluded). Credit when using.
❇ そのブログの絵図は全部が全部私を画くいます(reblogを除く)。許可を得ずに使用しない。

Art Status
Requests: Friends. (If i do not reject, it means i'll do it later when i get the mood)
Commissions: Closed
Kiriban: None.
Collab: Closed
Art Trade: Closed
Black Wind



poor bby ;_;

dont be like alfred

Magical angel kaikaikunkun
lovestage yeah

Happy birthday you big weenie

quick doodle


My imeeji of the so called ‘nude angel’ aichi according to spoilers from jp fandom. The spoilers are UNCONFIRMED. I’m just drawing my imeeji

kanzen guardo 

aichi forgot guys can’t get pregnant

I had to erase afterwards because she wanted to collect it back so now i feel totemo itai

gold paladins - where the back row is fucking terrifying

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